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Stoolball is ideal for schools - a team sport adaptable to almost any environment, quick to set up and pack away, easy to learn yet teaching plenty of important skills. That's why the UK National Curriculum for 2009-11 cited it as a good striking and fielding sport at ages 11-16.

Starter stoolball

The 10 essential rules you need to play stoolball, perfect for trying out the sport, leading a school PE lesson, or a quick match in the park. Print them out and stick them to the back of your wicket.

Resources for schools

These lesson plans together form a National Curriculum unit of work for pupils at Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14), using stoolball to support key concepts of competence, performance, creativity and healthy active lifestyles. Complete coaching pack for schools.

Coaching in schools

Stoolball England offers coaching in schools. We are always looking for volunteers or companies to help us coach more schools.

Free equipment from Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Collect Active Kids vouchers from Sainsbury's and ask your local school to invest in stoolball.

Buy stoolball equipment from Stoolball England

You can buy approved stoolball bats, balls, wickets and scorebooks from Stoolball England, and DVDs explaining the rules, providing coaching in striking and fielding skills and suggesting practice exercises you can use in lessons.

Promote stoolball in your school

Encourage pupils to get involved in sport by putting up posters at your school, or window stickers in the classroom. Contact nearby teams to ask about building links between them and your school.

Stoolball history

Stoolball is a very old sport, dating back over 500 years. It has stories relevant to the role of the church in English life, and the rehabilitation of soldiers after World War One. Use the primary and secondary sources in our history section as part of a history lesson.