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Insurance – a MUST for every club

Your club, league or association must be insured when playing stoolball. If you would like to participate in Stoolball England’s insurance scheme, your league or association must be affiliated to Stoolball England. If your club, league or association chooses not to participate in our insurance scheme, you MUST confirm to Stoolball England that you have insurance by another means.

League or associations can affiliate for the 2019 for £25. Our Civil Liability insurance this year will cost leagues, associations or clubs £51. PLEASE NOTE that if your league or association has participated in Stoolball England’s insurance scheme, this does NOT cover your club. Your club will have to participate in your own right.

We send out letters to clubs, leagues and associations which have used our insurance before. If you haven’t used our insurance before, please contact Richard Emsley (richard@…).

If you have any queries regarding your insurance, please also contact Richard Emsley (richard@…).